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Huntington County Amateur Radio Society

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Nets of local interest.

21 Repeater Group Net 147.150+ PL131.8 Wednesdays 7:30pm

Adams Co. RACES Net 146.970- Mondays 8pm

Adams Co. ARES Net 443.725+ Saturdays 9:30pm

Allen Co. ARES Net 146.940- Tuesdays 9pm

Blackford ARC Net 146.655- Wednesdays 8:30pm

Cass Co. ARES Net 147.180+ PL77.0 Thursdays 8:30pm

Dekalb Co. ARES Net 147.015+ Thursdays 7pm

Fort Wayne Radio Club Help & Swap Net 146.940- Mondays 9pm

Grant Co. Net 146.790- PL131.8 Sundays 9:00pm

Huntington Co. Emergency Net 146.685- Saturdays 8pm
Huntington Co. Simplex Net 146.460 First Saturday

IMO 2 Meter Net 146.880- Daily 6:30pm
Kosciusko Co. Emergency Disaster Services Net 145.130- PL131.8 Wednesdays

Miami Co. ARC Net 147.345+ PL88.5 Sundays 7:30pm

NE Indiana Packet Net (NEIPN) 145.530 1200 bps Sundays 9pm

Tri State 2 Meter Net 147.015+ Daily 7pm

Wabash Co. ARES Net 147.030+ PL131.8 Mondays 7pm

Whitley Co. ARC Sunday Night Net 444.550+ PL131.8 Sundays 8pm

Whitley Co. ARES Net 145.270- PL131.8 Wednesdays 8pm
Whitley Co. Simplex Net 146.550 3rd Wed. after ARES Net


If you have other listing please send them to



Pilot Emergency Test Net


   On Saturday, January 3, 2009, HCARS will conduct an additional emergency test net on 146.460 simplex at 7:30 PM, 30 minutes prior to the regular 2M net.


   Then net control station for this will be located at Huntington County Emergency Management, located at the Huntington County Jail.


   The purpose for this net is to test the coverage for emergency communication in case repeaters fail, loss of electricity or other natural disasters.


   This net is practiced by Amateur Radio Groups across the country and is encouraged by a “News Line” story that aired on October 18, 2008.


Joe Homier KA9VEC

HCARS - President




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