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Please send response to
Just copy and paste the questionier into a mail message.

  1. Are you interested in one or more of the following.

______Field Day.

______March of Dimes Walk-a-Thon communication.


______Amateur Radio Emergency Service training.

______Radio Direction Finding (fox hunts) events.

______Participating in HF contest.

______Participating in VHF/UHF contest.

______Other Ham radio events.


  1. Are you or someone you know interested in a new or an upgrade class?

_______YES an Extra Class  (theory)

_______YES a General Class (theory)

_______YES a Technician Class (theory)



  1. Are You willing to teach a class?

_______YES an Extra Class  (theory)

_______YES a General Class (theory)

_______YES a Technician Class (theory)


  1. Are you willing to be a host for a contest?

______Yes for a HF Contest

______Yes for a VHF/UHF contest


  1. Which of the following bands are you active on.

_______160M          _____80/75M  _____60M  _____40M

_____30M   _____20M   _____17M _____15M _____12M  _____10M

_____6M    ______2M  ____1.25M  ____70CM    ________MICROWAVE.


  1. What modes of communication are you interested in?

_____CW     ____Phone  ____PSK31 ____SSTV  _____FSTV(ATV)

_____APRS  _____RTTY ____Other


  1. What class license do you currently hold?

____Novice   _____ Technician ____Tech +  _____General

____Advanced   _____Extra


  1. How long have you been a licensed ham radio operator.

_____1 year or less  _____1 to 3 years   ____3 to 5 years

____5 to 10 years  ____10 to 15 years  ____15 to 20 years

____20 to 25 years  _____25 or more years




Thanks in advance for filling out this survey.  It is my hope that your input will allow HCARS to better serve the Ham radio community in the  Huntington County area.
















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